Eight Years old Earns Eight crores yearly!!

We spend our whole life by doing job but we can’t earn money in crores. of course its depend on our luck and our hard work. We today going to meet with the small child who is techno savvy,cute and smart. Evan is the kid who have keen interest in playing Toys and games but he has add some more things with playing.

Evan is the kids who has made channel in you tube i.e EvantubeHD. It is family friendly channel. Evan reviews the toys and games.By posting this kinds of videos he earns the $1.3 million a year.His many videos are became viral because its viewed by more then 10 crore viewers.

Evan,introduced the toys and games and then give us  some information regarding toys and make a video of it. The film analyser analyst the film and then give there views like that Evan actually do same things easily.

Actually,this fun project started by the Evan and his father.His father said that we are earning good but we spending it on our childs. What ever money left,we put into the saving accounts.

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