customer while shopping

Give Your Customers More Than They Expected

If you want to increase the expectation level of your customer then give them surprise but ensure that it will not incurs any additional cost for  your company and  customer.

Remember one thing that the general things (good service) that is unnoticed for all. but when you provide the exceptional service then it will create business for you.
-Never amaze your customer with quiet different things, if you create such WOW then what will you do after that. So see your things very slowly so it will create consistency and profitably for your business.

Time and again, what we find is that the meals and experiences that resonate the most with us share one thing in common – that they had something a result of doing more than was expected of them. The harder you work—and the more you do than is expected–the more you will attract the attention of your superiors and the sooner you will find yourself in a better life.
There is no other thing that has given me more in life than performing more than is expected of me. Let your competitors in your job slack off and put in half-assed efforts.